ComplexNT - cd and dvd portable burning software


Audio project options.



Title (CD-Text) – Enter the title here. If CD-Text is enabled for this CD, this information will be stored onto it.

Artist (CD-Text) – Enter the artist here. If CD-Text is enabled for this CD, this information will be stored onto it.

Copyright – This saves the copyright of the CD.

Producer – This saves the producer of the CD.

UPC/EAN code – The UPC/EAN code is a unique code to identify the CD.

Comments – This saves the comments on the CD.

Date – the compilation creation date.

write CD-Text on CD – CD-Text is additional information that may be stored with audio tracks. Track titles, names of artists may be written to a CD and, if supported by your audio player, display the information during playback. If your audio player does not support this feature, any included CD-Text information will be ignored. This is possible because CD-Text information is written before the audio data in the lead-in area.



No pause between tracks option burns AudioCD without pauses between tracks (in TAO mode).

Use external decoder – with this very option ON it is possible to use additional extensions of audio files (Monkey's audio(*.ape), FLAC files(*.flac), Musepack audio(*.mpc), WavPack files(*.wv)) to burn AudioCD.

Normalize audio files – with this very option ON the volume level of audio files before burning is normalized (i.e. all audio tracks are brought to the same volume level).


Note: while applying external decoder option audio files before burning are preliminary transferred to temp directory. In this case you have to get some free disc space (no burn-of-the-fly).


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