ComplexNT - cd and dvd portable burning software


Evolution Main menu File.


New – clears up the current project and creates the new one:

  • Data disc – is a new project of data or Jukebox CD (your MP3 and WMA files remain compressed. Jukebox CDs can contain many more songs than a CD created using the Audio CD for Car or Home CD Player project. However, Jukebox CDs can only be played on computers and music players that can read MP3, WMA, or WAV files).

  • Audio disc – is a new audio disc.

  • DVD disc - is a new video DVD disc.

  • UDF disc – is a new project of data with UDF file system.

Open... – opens the project saved before.

Save – saves current project.

Save as... – saves current project with a new name.

Save ISO image – saves current CD/DVD project (Data, DVD or UDF) into ISO image.

Project properties – opens "Options" dialogue on Project tab.

Preferences – opens "Options" dialogue on Preferences tab.

Advanced options - opens "Advanced options" dialogue

Exit – is end of the program operation.


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