ComplexNT - cd and dvd portable burning software


Erase rewritable disc with Complex Evolution.

Using Evolution you can erase rewritable discs, i.e. discs with the RW specification, as long as your recorder supports this function.


Use Erase button on the tool box menu to erase discs.

You have the choice between Quick erase and Full erase in Options.

Quick erase is very fast (about 1 minute) in contrast to full erase that can take more than half an hour. The difference is, that you only delete the table of contents (TOC) if you choose quick erase. The data stay on the disc, but the PC is not able to do anything with it. This is the recommended option. However, if you have sensitive data on your medium, you should choose full erase, because then the disc will be completely emptied.

Note: Keep in mind that once a disc has been erased, the data that was on it cannot be recovered. You may wish to review the contents of your discs before erasing them.



Progress bar reflects the progress of erasing process. Service messages are shown in the log window.


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