ComplexNT - cd and dvd portable burning software


Copy data disc with Complex Evolution.

Using the Copy data disc function you can copy Data discs, VideoCD discs, SuperVideoCD discs and DVD video discs (without protection).

The Copy data disc function makes a duplicate of your master disc, transferring the disc layout of the original disc to your CD or DVD media.

You can copy discs with Complex Evolution using copy-over-image method.

With the copy-over-image method, an image of the original disc is saved to a file first. The image file is then burned to a blank disc. Copying using an image copy takes longer, but often produces better results.

You must have sufficient space on the disc to use the copy-over-image method (see Advanced options - Temp directory).

Copying using an image copy is particularly suitable in the following situations:

  • Only one drive is available.

  • You would like to make several copies of the same CD.

  • You think it likely that read errors may have occurred on the source CD (for example because it is scratched).

  1. To copy discs use Extras/Copy Data CD/DVD menu item.

  2. Select copying settings.

  3. Push OK button.

Note: Some CDs and DVDs are created with copy-protection features and cannot be copied.



Read retries – A number of attempts to read the defected sectors.

Bad block ignore - if you activate this option, any read errors will be ignored.


Progress bar reflects the progress of burning process. Service messages are shown in the log window.


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