Complex New Technologies - cd and dvd portable burning software


How to burn disc with Complex TC Burner.

You can choose the required recorder from the list .



You can change the write speed here, if the automatically detected speed is not the one you want to use.



The   button ejects the CD/DVD drive tray.

The   button starts the window of import earlier session.



The "Options" button allow to adjust the project options

To erase a disc the button is used. You have the choice between "Quick Erase" and "Full Erase"  – see “Options” section.

Note: You can only erase CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM discs.


To burn a disc the button is used. Usually you don't have to care of the settings if you just want to burn a CD/DVD and you can press hit the "Burn" button.