ComplexNT - cd and dvd portable burning software


Burn AudioCD disc with Complex Evolution.

  1. Select Audio disc project tab left-clicking the corresponding project tab, or select File/New/Audio disc menu item to create a new empty project.

  2. Insert a disc you want to burn the project on into the drive.

  3. Add audio files (wav, mp3, ogg, wma) to record. If there are audio-tags included in the files, they will be used as the song titles. Compile some music pieces in the order required applying drag-and-drop option to the audio tracks. You can listen to the audio track by clicking on it with mouse or selecting Play/Stop audio track item from the context menu.

  4. Select the drive you want to record with and writing speed from the corresponding lists of comboboxes.

  5. Adjust the project by select Recorder/Options main menu item.

  6. Adjust the Audio project options in Project tab of Options window.

  7. Push Burn button onto the tool bar or select Recorder/Burn compilation main menu item.

Note: write CD-TEXT is available only if your drive supports Disc-At-Once RAW P-W write method. Check Recorder/Device info/Supported modes.



Progress bar reflects the progress of burning process. Service messages are shown in the log window.


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