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How to add files/folders to cd and dvd disc.

Before adding files/folders it is required to choose Project type (either clicking on the corresponding project tab, or selecting a new project in the main menu).


In the current version Complex Evolution supports the following types of projects:


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Data disc - A data disc, CD or DVD, is used to store electronic data, such as files and applications that reside on your computer's hard drive. This type of project also allows creating bootable discs. You can add or append information to the data disc again and again until it is full. If you're using rewritable discs, Complex Evolution offers you the choice of appending or erasing and rewriting your disc.
Complex Evolution can create a special type of disc called a JukeboxCD. On a CD your MP3 and WMA files remain compressed. Jukebox CDs can contain many more songs than a CD created using the Audio CD for Car or Home CD Player project. However, CDs can only be played on computers and music players that can read MP3, WMA, or WAV files. Jukebox CDs can be created using the Data Disc project.

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Audio disc - An audio CD is a compact disc that can be played on any CD player. Complex Evolution can make audio CDs from the most common audio formats — WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA (Windows Media Audio).

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DVD disc - If you have a correct encoded video, you can simply create a DVD Video disc. Put your video(s) into "video_ts" and burn the disc.

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UDF disc - The one which is similar to Data disc, but burns data in UDF mode.


To Select the files you can record using one of the following methods:

Add files/folders to cd/dvd disc from shell context menu. You can enable this function in Main menu>File>Advanced options dialog.




Drag-and-drop files directly from a directory window to the Complex Evolution screen.



Right-click the File Selection Window, and choose Copy from the shortcut menu. Right-click the Complex Evolution screen, and choose Paste from the context menu or Edit/Paste from main menu.



Click Add and navigate the files you want to copy. Click once on the files to select them, and then click the built-in Explorer Add button. (You can select multiple files and folders by holding down the Ctrl or Shift key on your keyboard, then highlighting the files you would like to record.)



You can switch Complex Evolution to two-panel mode and add files/folders from built-in explorer.



To Create a new folder: Right-click on the Complex Evolution screen and choose Create folder from the shortcut menu or Edit/Create folder from main menu.

To Rename file/folder: Select the file or folder by clicking once on its name and pressing F2. Type a new name and press Enter. This option is also available from either the context menu or from the main menu.

To Delete a file: Right-click on the file or folder and choose Delete. It is possible to use Del button for deleting (Clicking Delete does not affect any files on your hard drive).

Use drag-and-drop option to compile some music pieces in the order required within the AudioCD project.


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