Complex New Technologies - cd and dvd portable burning software


Complex Evolution working area.

Complex Evolution 3.2.7 - Complex New Technologies


1Main menu

Main menu


Main menu of the program

2Drive select combobox

Drive select combobox


Select the drive you want to record

3Drive speeds combobox

Drive speeds combobox


Select writing speeds list

4Erase button

Erase button


Cleans rerwritable disc

5Burn button

Burn button


Records the current project

6Progress bar

Progress bar


Provides user with the information on the progress of the current operation (burn, erase, copy, save ISO image, etc.)

7Add button

Add button


Starts the built-in Explorer

8Projects tabs

Projects tabs


Switching between the projects is done either by means of clicking corresponding project tab or with the help of hotkey Ctrl+TAB.

9Buffer state

Buffer state


Hardware and software buffer state indicators

10Project window

Project window


It shows files/folders to be rocorded to the disc

11Activity indicator

Activity indicator


 Shows program activity

12Log window

Log window


Some service information on the program operation is shown there

13Project indicator

Project indicator


Shows CD/DVD disc capacity. The indicator changes its color into red one when disc capacity exceeds the limit

Complex Evolution two-panels mode.


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