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Discography keeps track of the contents of every disc you burn. You can instantly through thousands of files burnt and find out info such as what was burnt, when it was burnt, which disc was burnt.


button adds project into Discography

button substitutes project in Discography for the current one opened within the main window

button deletes projects from Discography


Search is carried out according to partial match. Search according to date, volume label, disc description and among files of the project is also available.



Certain types of projects (data. audio, dvd) could be set to Auto add to Discography

‘Prompt to add’ option allows to inquire before burning process whether the user wants to add project contents to Discography or not.

‘Show Discography after’ option displays ‘Discography’ window once the project has been added to enable filling out Description section just at once, for instance.



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