ComplexNT - cd and dvd portable burning software


Advanced options window.



Write process priority – In a multi-tasking system like Windows, it is necessary to assign different priorities to different tasks. By assigning a higher priority to more important tasks such as CD burning process, Windows ensures that critical tasks do not get interrupted by less important background tasks, like virus scanners or printer spoolers.

Use SPTI for drive access – Switches between ASPI/SPTI drive access methods.

Temp directory – The folder to store temporary files which is used while copying discs.

Change notification for built-in Explorer – In "Add" window, there is a built-in Explorer. If something changes in the drive (whether files have been deleted or renamed), the contents of built-in Explorer will be refreshed on switching this option.

Use internal disc insert notification – Allows using the build-in mechanisms of recognition of inserting and ejecting a disc into the drive.

Delete source files after burn is complete - Allows deleting the source files from the disc after burning process has been completed (with prompting the user to effect the operation above).

add 'Data disc' into 'Send To' context menu, add 'Audio disc' into 'Send To' context menu, add 'DVD disc' into 'Send To' context menu, add 'UDF disc' into 'Send To' context menu - allow you to add files/folders to cd/dvd disc from shell context menu (see picture below).



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